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A spacious and certificated warehouse is opened to welcome any kind of storage. We care everything under this roof; State of the art system is used to ensure the accuracy of your inventory.

•  Short and Long Term Storage 

Whether stock units are fast or slow moving, we have storage facilities to suit any need.
The free period may also be given to encourage your sales. You can always talk to our friendly team for details.

•  Racked or Shelfed Storage

No matter large bulky or minor items, in Ecof, we will always have proper space to store your items. 
We have 15000 Square meters warehouse, divided into a variety of spaces for multiple purpose storage; from furniture to little jewellery, we can always have a talk for the option of safe storage in the warehouse.

•   Inventory Management

With our state of art warehouse management system (WMS), your inventory will be monitored and taken care so you don’t need to do it yourself.  The system will reflect real-time fluctuation and level change of the inventory; 

Selling foods or other sensitive items and need expire date management or  Batch management? Sure, we can cover that!  With our FIFO as the basic rule in the system,  your item will be put away and stored in different batches according to expire dates ( or other dates, as indicated).
Notification will be given upon expire date so you won’t miss it.  Or, if you want to sell the freshest item, sure tell us and we can process as your requirement; 

Our system will also give you reports periodically. These data will help you analysis your business and stock level, assisting you to reflect and further boost your sales; 

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