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ECOF Sydney 3PL Logistics Mailhouse

ECOF are specialists in the art of stock fulfilment. From small online-retailers to large below-the-line activation agencies, ECOF handles the entire fulfilment process to ensure our client's business runs professionally. 


•  B to C Online Retailer Solutions

Have an eBay store or website? Need data integrations for platforms? Don't worry; we can get that solved as well. With our professional IT Team, we can provide API service between platforms. Order placing will never have been easier. With real-time tracking also provide, you will know where your orders are until they are handed to the receivers. 


ECOF utilises a state of the art warehouse management system (WMS) that can be manually accessed by you online; or interfaced electronically with your ERP system, shopping cart, or accounting package. The system offers the ability to very quickly and accurately find the exact status of your orders and inventory.


At each stage, certain people can be notified via e-mail that a certain transaction has taken place within the warehouse, giving you the visibility and control you need.


The WMS is scalable and easily adaptable to allow for growth, so, as we help you succeed, we succeed.


For high volume users, orders can also be transferred via EDI directly from your retail customers into our system, or we can offer direct integration into your online shopping cart or your own internal CRM system.

•  B to B Distribution Solution 

Sending multiple or palletised items to distributors? Or just cross transfer? 
We have the team looking after that as well. Placing orders through the system or simply tell our friendly team members who take care of your account, we will manage your shipping and take care with the transport; based on your requirement, we will find the most appropriate and cost-effective shipping company to fulfil your order.

•  Fulfilment Services

From long term e-commerce fulfilment to one-off cross stock, our team has the solution for your peace of mind. With our advanced warehouse and inventory system, we make sure your orders are in good hands. 

If you are an online retailer or eBay seller and have products to be sold or shipped, you can simply store your item in our warehouse. Our professional and vibrate team will provide you with the fast and accurate warehousing service like picking packing and despatch; You just need to focus on your sales and we will be doing everything else. 


We can also meet your customised requirement, say strengthen packing or repack; you can always talk to our friendly team about more of your needs. 

Here are few more services we do but do keep that in mind we are not limited to these: No detail is too small to ensure your business is fulfilled and presented exactly as needed.

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