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Fulfilment Services

ECOF Sydney 3PL Logistics Mailhouse

ECOF are specialists in the art of stock fulfilment. From small online-retailers to large below-the-line activation agencies, ECOF handle the entire fulfilment process to ensure our client's business runs professionally. 



Orders are scanned, picked and packed into individually marked containers and made ready for immediate dispatch.


Short to Medium Term Storage

Whether stock units are fast or slow moving, ECOF have storage facilities to suit any need.


Online Retail Fulfilment

ECOF customise their fulfilment services perfectly for online-retailers. Custom labelling, specific packing instructions, direct-marketing material insertion, etc. No detail is too small to ensure your business is fulfilled and presented exactly as needed.


Sales Analysis Reporting

ECOF's warehouse management system (WMS) allows for periodic stock/sales analysis. If clients require, ECOF provide monthly analysis material that helps gauge sales-flow and identify areas to improve. 

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