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Business Marketing Services

ECOF Sydney 3PL Logistics Mailhouse

ECOF are specialists in delivering cost effective marketing activation logistic services for businesses and their agency partners.  


Kit Collaboration

Receiving goods from various suppliers and combining these into a standard kit-pack-carton for easy and lower cost freighting.


POS/Merchandise Storage and Distribution

ECOF have the ability to hold promotional stock for any given period, and send out within 2 hours from request.


Project Management and Consultation

The ECOF Sales team are able to meet direct to discuss the specifics of any marketing activation and construct the best logistical package.


Direct Account Management

Each client has its own Account Manager to assist any request given. This ensures an intimate knowledge of each marketing activation and reassurance that the project is under control.


Stock Management and Reporting

ECOF utilises a state of the art warehouse management system (WMS) that can be manually accessed by you online; or interfaced electronically with your ERP system, shopping cart, or accounting package. The system offers the ability to very quickly and accurately find the exact status of your orders and inventory.

At each stage, certain people can be notified via e-mail that a certain transaction has taken place within the warehouse, giving you the visibility and control you need.

The WMS is scalable and easily adaptable to allow for growth, so, as we help you succeed, we succeed.

For high volume users, orders can also be transferred via EDI directly from your retail customers into our system, or we can offer direct integration into your online shopping cart or your own internal CRM system.

Reverse logistics services


Reverse Logistics

For those promotional marketing activities that need return-to-base servicing, ECOF fully cater for these requirements. Whether the return stock is delicate or bulk, ECOF are able to manage the best return service and refill at the warehouse for reuse.

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